The two selection list navigators get their data from the Airports Med and Large Hub data view.  In the Data View page for the Origin Airport selection list control, I indicate that the Perf Origin Dest 2015 data view should be filtered using this selection list.  For the Destination Airport list, I’ll filter the same data view on the destination airport column.

The remaining controls are bound to various columns from the Perf Origin Dest 2015 data view.  Since the data is filtered on the mobile device using a cached result, interaction with the dashboard controls should be very responsive.  I use the Dashboard Settings page to assign the title and file name: Origin and Destination Performance, right-click to publish to the server and then right-click again to save a local copy.  I’m pretty paranoid when it comes to saving things and losing work so I always keep two copies.  Right-click once again and return to the Home page.