After publishing these two dashboards, my users can select any two airports to see the airline performance for the past year.  When they tap the drill-through visual, they see the same selection with the option to drill-down to more detail so they can make informed decisions.


In summary, here are few of things to keep in mind:

Recent product improvements enable Datazen to work natively with MDX queries.  When aggregating measure values in a control, Datazen treats empty values like zeros which is fine when summing values but may produce inaccurate averages.  This behavior is likely to change but in the meanwhile, you can make contingencies in query and dashboard design.

When you define a drill-through target, always choose the dashboard published to the server rather than a local copy.  This has caught me a couple of times.

Datazen is young and a new member of the Microsoft product family.  It’s simple by design and doesn’t have the same flexibility as some more mature tools.  Use it if it’s a good fit but realize that it’s not a one-size-fits-all tool.  Expect to see changes as the entire Microsoft BI platform matures.