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Dejan Nakarada-Kordic is a database specialist with ASB Bank in New Zealand. He was born in Yugoslavia in the 1970s and spent the 1990s in Zimbabwe before settling in New Zealand. He holds degrees in psychology and computer science, as well as many Microsoft certifications.

File Operations Made Easy
File operations that require many lines of T-SQL code can often be handled with a single function call if you use a CLR class, such as FileCLR. This class lets you easily obtain a list of the files in a folder, write text to a file, and much more.
Date Operations Made Easy
Although SQL Server 2008 corrected that shortcoming by introducing pure date and pure time data types, there are still a few tasks that are difficult to perform using T-SQL.
A Practical Approach to Managing Database Size
The size of a database's data files can affect database availability, performance, and support. Here's what you can do to effectively manage their size.
Move Database Files Without Taking the Database Offline
If you move database files using one the methods prescribed in the SQL Server documentation, you have to take your databases offline. You can avoid this situation by using the ALTER DATABASE and DBCC SHRINKFILE commands.
Managing Service Broker Conversations
Prevent data loss and improve performance by using this method to reduce conversation management overhead.
Don't Let Poison Messages Kill Processing in SQL Server 2005's Service Broker
Here's a solution you can use when you need to disable XML validation yet have Service Broker continue processing when it encounters a poison message.

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Mar 17, 2015

AlwaysOn Availability Groups and SQL Server Jobs, Part 21: Assigning Backup Preferences

An option when creating new AlwaysOn Availability Groups is to specify Backup Preferences. It’s also something you can easily configure once the Availability Group has been set up as well – by simply right-clicking on the Availability Group and selecting Properties – then navigating into the Backup Preferences tab.  ...More
Mar 14, 2015

For Data Quality, Intelligent Rules Add Value to the Golden Record 5

The quest for the Golden Record to achieve a single, accurate and complete version of a customer record is worth the pursuit to attain survivorship. Record matching and consolidation are only the beginning. Melissa Data takes a new approach. Learn how to apply intelligent rules based on reference data to make smarter and better decisions for data cleansing....More
Mar 12, 2015

AlwaysOn Availability Groups and SQL Server Jobs, Part 20: Avoiding Backup Fragmentation

On SQL Servers where Availability Groups (or Mirroring) isn’t in play, I typically recommend keeping a combination of on-box backups along with copying said backups off-box as well. Obviously, keeping databases AND backups on the SAME server is the metaphorical equivalent of putting all of your eggs in one basket – and therefore something you should avoid like the plague....More
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