Greg A. Larsen

Greg A.

Greg A. Larsen is the lead DBA for the Washington State Department of Health. He is an MCITP Database Administrator and Database Developer, has authored numerous articles, hosts the website, and consults part-time.

Quickly Find Your Worst-Performing T-SQL Statements 12
Here's a stored procedure that lets you quickly and easily produce customized reports showing the poorest-performing T-SQL statements that were run against your SQL Server 2008 and SQL Server 2005 databases.
Generating New SQL Server Logins 3
When you create a SQL Server login that has the same permissions as an existing login, the process of researching the old login's permissions and reassigning them can be tedious. Here's a way to automate permissions analysis-- and save your sanity.
Avoiding the Red Zone 4
You know you can predict future database storage needs by evaluating past usage, but how do you collect the historical statistics? Here's a 2-step process that lets you do it yourself.

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Jul 17, 2017

How Inferred Linking in Matched Records Digs Deeper into Your Data

Duplicate records clutter databases and render the data within them unclear. This kind of problem is very common, and it’s the main reason that deduping software exists. But there’s another benefit to deduplication software: the ability to infer connections between individual records from various data sets....More
May 22, 2017

Chief Data Officer Playbook: How to Be Successful in This Ground-Breaking Role

Companies looking to grow and extract value from their data are increasingly turning to Chief Data Officers (CDOs) to execute their data strategy. The role is new, and a playbook is necessary to address the many challenges CDOs face....More
May 12, 2017

5 Common Challenges to Building BI in the Cloud

After spending 20 years building analytics, BI and database solutions, I've focused on Cloud data solutions over the past 2 years. I've chosen 5 common challenges that I face every day with Cloud migrations and that you'll face in your Cloud BI projects....More

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