Jen Underwood

Sr. Program Manager,

Jen Underwood, Microsoft Sr. Program Manager, has almost 20 years of experience in data warehousing, business intelligence, and predictive analytics. She was formerly a Microsoft Business Intelligence Technical Product Manager for offerings spanning across Microsoft SQL Server, Excel, and SharePoint. She also held roles as an Enterprise Data Platform Specialist and a Business Intelligence Consultant. Throughout most of her career she has been researching, designing, and implementing analytic solutions in a variety of open source, niche, and enterprise vendor landscapes including Microsoft, Oracle, IBM, and SAP.

Jen holds a Bachelor of Business Administration degree from the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee and a post graduate certificate in Computer Science - Data Mining from the University of California, San Diego.

Follow Jen on Twitter: @idigdata. Google+

Microsoft Makes Big Moves in Big Data Analytics
Today Microsoft is again making waves by announcing significant pricing model changes for the Power BI SaaS offerings.
How To Configure Power BI Preview On-Premise Analysis Services Data Sources
In this article we will step through how to securely connect an on-premises Analysis Services Tabular mode instance for use as a data source in the Power BI Preview. You can alternatively use a virtual environment in Azure (IaaS). The process is similar.
Walking through the Power BI Public Preview
Over the holidays Microsoft quietly released a public preview of Power BI’s recent innovations. This humble release was by design. If you want more information, don’t fret.
CodePlex R Graphics Project for Reporting Services
Recently Timo Klimmer, a Microsoft colleague, brilliantly extended SSRS to enable the use of R code and graphics using Custom Report Item capabilities. He called this project, the "R Graphics Device for Reporting Services" and was kind enough to share this wonderful project publicly on CodePlex.
PASS Summit 2014 Reveals Next Generation Power BI
For Microsoft BI fans, an exciting demonstration of the next generation of Power BI was unveiled by James Phillips.
Easy and Flexible Salesforce Reporting with Microsoft Power BI
Microsoft has announced a new Salesforce connector for Microsoft Power Query in Excel.
Digging into New Custom Maps for Excel Power Map
In the latest round of monthly Power BI updates, a really cool addition for Power Map was released called Custom Maps. Custom Maps empower you to get incredibly creative with location analytics.
Hybrid Business Intelligence with Power BI
Understanding how to architect hybrid-BI scenarios is becoming a more important skill to master in our profession.
Office 365 Web Apps Developer Site
Amazing Data Visualization with Apps for Office
One of the many hidden gems in the Microsoft BI world is the new Apps for Office framework. If you want a data visualization that Microsoft tools don't currently offer out-of-the-box, Office Web Apps may be a viable option for you.
Microsoft Power BI
WPC 2014 Showcases New Power BI Experience
Having recently spent time with the Microsoft Power BI engineering team, I can share that they are indeed thinking mobile-first (unlike Microsoft BI of the past), have set high goals, and are sensitive to existing customer needs.
Analytics, business intelligence, data science & predictive analysis job trends
Business Intelligence Market Shifts
Analytics is taking center stage in the business world. More than eight years ago there was chatter about an inevitable market shift from traditional BI to analytics. In 2014, those predictions have indeed become a reality.

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