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Kevin Kline, a longtime Microsoft SQL Server MVP, is a founder and former president of PASS, and the author of SQL in a Nutshell. Kline tweets at @kekline and blogs at

Free Tool: SQL Server RestoreChecker Utility
A free SQL Server tool called RestoreChecker can perform several tests to verify that your backup files are restorable and data integrity is ensured.A handy little utility called RestoreChecker can perform several tests to verify that your backup files are restorable and data integrity is ensured.
Upgrade Assistant for SQL Server 2012 (UAFS) and SQL Server Upgrade Advisor
Upgrade Assistant for SQL Server 2012 (UAFS) and SQL Server Upgrade Advisor (SSUA) are two tools that make it easy to upgrade an existing application to SQL Server 2012.
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Free Tool Review: Scripted PowerShell Automated Deployment Engine
The Scripted PowerShell Automated Deployment Engine is a free, remote install and configuration tool for SQL Server that streamlines remote deployment and simplifies complex installation processes.
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SQL Server Compression Estimator 1
Use this free tool to figure out the best compression algorithm for databases that contain many objects.
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Free Tool: SQL Sentry's Plan Explorer
This free tool’s readability and usability features help you easily decipher SQL Server execution plan details.
Microsoft System Center Advisor
This robust cloud service lets DBAs inventory all their SQL Server systems and quickly resolve problems or avoid them altogether.
SQL Server Query Hash Statistics 2
This free tool lets you collect query performance metrics, then generate report details to analyze and visualize performance information.
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SQL Server FineBuild 1
Use this free tool to easily install and configure SQL Server and the accompanying services packs, cumulative updates, hotfixes, community tools, and best practice configurations.
SQL Server 2008 Spatial Tools 1
Use the two executables included in the SQL Server 2008 Spatial Tools to extract and load spatial data more easily.
Microsoft Network Monitor
Use this free tool to capture, view, and analyze detailed information about your network traffic.
SP_WhoIsActive 1
Use this stored procedure to quickly retrieve information about users’ sessions and activities.
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Efficiently Clone Databases
Follow the SQL Server CSS team’s step-by-step instructions for using SSMS scripts to clone databases.
Get a clue! A SQLClue, that is! 1
Kevin tells you about a new SQL Server tool for DBAs who want to capture institutional knowledge
Tool Tip - The Awesomeness of RoboCopy 3
Perform smarter copies or ... there will be trouble.
Join the DOTNETStories Contest
Kevin points you to a cool contest from Microsoft for developers.

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Power BI Preview Gaining Market Momentum

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Jun 3, 2015

What is Coming in SQL Server 2016 for Business Intelligence 1

Over the past few years we did not hear anything from Microsoft about SQL Server on-premises business intelligence enhancements. The extended cricket-chirping silence left us speculating about the future of Reporting Services, Analysis Services and other key technologies that are being used today to power critical decision making solutions. Good news, the waiting and wondering is over. Microsoft recently announced significant SQL Server on-premises upgrades for business intelligence in numerous presentations at both //build and Ignite conferences....More
May 28, 2015

AlwaysOn Availability Groups and SQL Server Jobs, Part 25: Final Remarks on Backups

In the last few posts (posts 19 – 24) I’ve covered some high-level concerns and reviewed some details about how to implement and manage database backups against AlwaysOn Availability Group databases. Most of the information I’ve provided was pretty basic or elementary – along with some additional guidelines for things to watch out for when managing backups. Which is to say that backups are never something you can simply take for granted and they’re never something you just take lightly....More
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