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Tim Ford is an independent consultant and the owner of SQL Cruise. He's a data professional, author, and community leader whose technical passions lie in creative solutions for managing and presenting data with 15 years of experience as a healthcare database administrator, architect, and team leader. Tim is an advocate for proper design, performance, and security in that sphere of information technology where "good data" truly does save lives.

Currently on the Professional Association for SQL Server (PASS) Board of Directors, Tim has oversight of the SQLSaturday program bringing free SQL Server, business intelligence, business analytics, Powershell, Excel, and professional development training to global audiences. Tim regularly provides content on database-related topics, professional development sciences and general technology commentary for SQL Server Pro, MSSQLTips, Simple-Talk, SQLServerCentral, and his own site, thesqlagentman.com.  

He's authored a book on Dynamic Management Objects with Louis Davidson and provides commentary and content in his own voice (and in 140 character bursts) on Twitter as @sqlagentman. Also, follow Tim on Google+.

Top Insights You Can Gain from the Usage Stats Dynamic Management View (Part 1) 4

Valuable insights are available about your indexing strategy through the Dynamic Management Views: one in particular.

Comprehensive Wait Stats Query for SQL 2005 - 2016 2
Looking for a Microsoft SQL Server wait statistics query that works across all versions of SQL since 2005. This is the one.
New Dynamic Management Views in SQL Server 2016 Part 2: dm_exec_session_waits
SQL Server 2016 is rapidly approaching release and in this continuing series Tim Ford exposes some of the new Dynamic Management Objects available in the latest version of Microsoft's flagship database platform.
Identifying High-Impact Queries and Stored Procedures with Dynamic Management Views 2
Are you looking for a comprehensive set of scripts to identify queries or stored procedures with highest reads or writes, most CPU consumption, or are the longest running on your SQL Server instances? Then go no further than here where Tim Ford, who truly "wrote the book" on Dynamic Management Views provides two new toolbelt queries for doing just that.
Announcing our IT/DevConnections Data Platform and Business Intelligence Keynote Speaker Conor Cunningham
This year we’re excited to welcome Conor Cunningham, Partner Architect on the SQL Server Core Engine Team at Microsoft as our Data Platform and Business Intelligence Keynote Speaker to speak on features coming to SQL Server 2016.
Your Guide to the New Power BI Desktop 1

July 24th marked the General Availability release of major updates to Power BI Service and Power BI Desktop, Microsoft's cloud-based analytics and data visualization platform. Today's updates replace the previous "Power BI for Office 365" version and Power BI service that required either a subscription to Office 365 or Sharepoint Online for access. 

Power BI Desktop

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New Dynamic Management Views in SQL Server 2016 Part 1
New version of Microsoft SQL Server means new Dynamic Management Objects. This series will dig into what these diagnostic objects can (and sometimes can not) tell us about our servers.
SQL Server Management Studio Now Has Its Own Upgrade Path

A few months ago I wrote a plea to Microsoft to start the process of modernizing SQL Server Management Studio. As the main application/management tool for interacting with Microsoft's flagship database platform it has lagged behind all other advancement with the product.  Since 2005 when released as the evoloution of SQL Server Enterprise Manager it's only (apparently) been upgraded in order to provide base functionality added as features the SQL Server through (now) five releases: SQL Server 2008, 2008 R2, 2012, 2014 and now 2016. 


SQL Server 2016 CTP 2.1 Available for Public Download

June 24, 2015 marked a change in how Community Technology Previews (aka CTPs) are released for Microsoft SQL Server 2016.  In his May 27th blog post, CVP of SQL Server Development, T.K.

CTP 2 of SQL Server 2016 Now Available 5
Microsoft has released the second CTP of SQL Server 2016 to the public a week earlier than planned.
SQL Server 2014 Service (Revised) Pack 1 Now Available
The first service pack for SQL Server 2014 is available and incremented so you can differentiate between the initial (flawed) release and the correct version you should be evaluating for deployment.
The Microsoft Ignite Keynote and the End of the DBA Role (as We Know It)
Did information divulged about SQL Server 2016 and Microsoft's new mission in the Microsoft Ignite keynote signify the end of the DBA role as we know it?
Top Insights You Can Gain from the Usage Stats Dynamic Management View (Part 1)
February 8, 2016

Good point. I'll edit the script to note that and also provide an alternate for older versions back to 2005. Thanks.

Identifying Query Text and Graphical Execution Plans in Active Queries
December 10, 2015

Anggara, this works fine when I copy and paste it into SSMS. There is nothing to fix syntactically. Can you tell me what version of SQL you're running and the collation...

Identifying High-Impact Queries and Stored Procedures with Dynamic Management Views
October 2, 2015

I suspect you may not have swapped-out the template parameter in the WHERE clause.

If you want to return results for the entire instance then comment out the WHERE...

The Myth About Estimated Execution Plans
September 3, 2015

Jason, I must apologize, but I inadvertantly deleted as spam your response when I meant to delete one purporting the commenter's new relational database written by himself...

CTP 2 of SQL Server 2016 Now Available
May 27, 2015

Ah, it appears there are benefits to being an MVP. MVPs get in today; public tomorrow!

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