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Tim Ford is Senior SQL Server Database Administrator at Survey Monkey, the owner of SQL Cruise, and a senior contributing editor to SQL Server Pro. He's a data professional, author, and community leader whose technical passions lie in creative solutions for managing and presenting data with more than 15 years of experience as a healthcare database administrator, architect, team leader and consultant. Ford is an advocate for proper design, performance, and security in that sphere of information technology where "good data" truly does save lives.

Currently on the Professional Association for SQL Server (PASS) Board of Directors, Ford has oversight of the SQLSaturday program bringing free SQL Server, business intelligence, business analytics, Powershell, Excel, and professional development training to global audiences. Ford regularly provides content on database-related topics, professional development sciences and general technology commentary for SQL Server Pro, MSSQLTips, Simple-Talk, SQLServerCentral, and his own site, thesqlagentman.com.  

He's authored a book on Dynamic Management Objects with Louis Davidson and provides commentary and content in his own voice (and in 140 character bursts) on Twitter as @sqlagentman. Also, follow Ford on Google+.

What Every Accidental DBA Needs to Know Now: Basics of SQL Security
Congratulations you're now a DBA! What do you need to know about security for SQL Server? Read on and find out.
What Every Accidental DBA Needs to Know Now: SQL Server Configuration Manger 1
The SQL Server Configuration Manager is an critical but often overlooked application for proper SQL Server instance management and, well, "configuration". In Tim Ford's continuing series aimed at the Accidental Database Administrator he takes time to explain the basics of this tool, its use, and its features.
How to Restart Failed Log Shipping Quickly
Log shipping is a great tool for maintaining a redundant copy of your database to protect against site failures in a disaster recovery situation but what happens when it stops unexpectedly and you've an unknown number of transaction log backups to apply to get it going again? Tim has a script for you to identify the next transaction log backup to restore and kick-start the process.
Using Index Operational Stats to Drill Into High Latch and Lock Waits
If analysis of your SQL Server's wait stats shows high levels of latch or lock waits how do you know which indexes are to blame so you can zero-in on troubleshooting and tuning?
SQL Server Management Studio August 2016 Release
The newest release of SQL Server 2016 Management Studio has been released. You may want to skip this release however.
What Every Accidental DBA Needs to Know Now: Backups 3
What are the most important things for an Accidental DBA to know in order to survive in their new career?
SQL Professionals On the Road – Episode 1: Tim Ford and Others - Iceland SQLSaturday
Last month I had the opportunity to be one of only 2 US speakers to present at Iceland's first SQLSaturday. This article is about that experience and the travel experience of veteran Microsoft Data Platform professionals on the road. Oh, and we tossed ourselves in a volcano...
SQL Server 2016 Cumulative Update #1 Released
Microsoft has released the first update for SQL Server 2016 which fixes 192 issues.
Hotfix Released for July 2016 SQL Server Management Studio Download
The Microsoft Data Platform MVPs and SQL Server Product Group at Microsoft have worked hard to identify and resolve issues from the July 2016 release of SQL Server Management Studio. The hotfix with these changes has just been released.
SQL Server 2014 SP2 Now Available
Fast on the heels of the release of SQL Server 2016 comes the latest service pack for SQL Server 2014 packed with over 20 improvements and cummulative hotfixes including SP1 CU7.
Sharing Registered Server Entries in SQL Server Management Studio
We’re dedicating at least one article per month here at SQL Server Pro on features, usability, and navigation inside SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS). This month I wanted to build on my introduction to the Registered Servers window by showing you how you can share the listing and categorization of SQL Server instances throughout your environment with others on your team.
Last Day to Submit Abstracts for 2016 IT/Dev Connections
Are you interested in contributing to the success of your peers and share insights into how you do things in your day-to-day efforts as a SQL Server Data Professional? Then consider submitting to IT/Dev Connections 2016 as a speaker.
Hidden Gems in SQL Server Management Studio: Registered Servers

As a SQL Server Database Administrator you tend to spend more time in SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) than you do with your family. It’s surprising just how many peers I speak to though that are not using components of SSMS that I think of as routine – or are not using them to their full potential.

Identifying Orphaned Logins
January 5, 2017

I'm always looking for ideas for articles. I just saw this comment and will write something up specifically to address this question for you Shankar. Stay tuned. Will get it...

How Old Are Your Backups?
January 5, 2017
Hi David and happy new year to you as well. I'm making use of template parameters in the script in the area you're referring to. To better understand template params check out...
What Every Accidental DBA Needs to Know Now: Backups
September 13, 2016

Thank you for such a kind comment. You don't know how we authors appreciate the feedback. Usually we feel we just send these articles out into the wild and never hear anything...

Top Insights You Can Gain from the Usage Stats Dynamic Management View (Part 1)
February 8, 2016

Good point. I'll edit the script to note that and also provide an alternate for older versions back to 2005. Thanks.

Identifying Query Text and Graphical Execution Plans in Active Queries
December 10, 2015

Anggara, this works fine when I copy and paste it into SSMS. There is nothing to fix syntactically. Can you tell me what version of SQL you're running and the collation...

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