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SQL Server Magazine UPDATE, April 12, 2007--Hotfixes vs. Service Packs: Blurring the Lines
Learn about the mysterious Incremental Service Model for automatic notification of SQL Server hotfix Cumulative Updates. Plus, check out the TechX Interoperability Web site and newsletter, join the discussions on our forums, and more!
SQL Server Magazine UPDATE, April 19, 2007--Keep Your Eye on DPM
Learn how improvements in Microsoft System Center Data Protection Manager 2007 Beta 1 make this product worth watching. Plus, read about the real value of BI technologies, check out the new Windows Live search macro for SQL Server, and more!
SQL Server Magazine UPDATE, March 29, 2007--Sink or Swim
Learn how giving IT presentations can boost your reputation as an expert among your peers and help you further your career. Plus, get creative solutions to Reporting Services’ limitations, figure out a high-wait-status problem, and more!
SQL Server Magazine UPDATE, March 22, 2007--Microsoft MVPs: Always Looking Ahead
Learn how Microsoft MVPs spread the news about upcoming product improvements and also help shape the future of those products. Plus, learn how tempdb affects performance, get part 2 of Itzik Ben-Gan's DATETIME Calculations article, and more!
SQL Server Magazine UPDATE, March 8, 2007--Oracle’s Hyperion Acquisition: First of Many Consolidations?
Oracle’s acquisition of Hyperion Solutions could be the first in a series of aggressive acquisitions in the BI and applications markets. Plus, learn to build dynamic IN lists, handle connection problems, and more!
SQL Server Magazine UPDATE, March 1, 2007--Conquer Your Fears: Public Speaking in Your Underwear
Presenting at a conference can force you to become an expert in a topic, so submit your proposal for the 2007 PASS Community Summit. Plus, automate date/time conversions, improve Books Online, and more!
SQL Server Magazine UPDATE, February 22, 2007--SP2 Offers Unlimited Virtual Licenses
Not sure if you should bother downloading SQL Server 2005 SP2? Take a look before you make up your mind. Plus, use trimming to return only the date or time of a given datetime value, write a shorter query for combining records, and more!
SQL Server Magazine UPDATE, February 15, 2007--Gartner’s BI Report is Magically Interesting
A recent Gartner report delves into upcoming trends in the growing BI market. Plus, read about Microsoft's plans for end-to-end business insight, Itzik Ben-Gan's analysis of missing language elements in SQL Server, and more!
SQL Server Magazine UPDATE, February 8, 2007--Dig Into an Analysis Services Performance Treasure
In a sea of white-paper oysters, Microsoft has released some true pearls of wisdom for getting great performance from Analysis Services 2005. Plus, join in the search for Jim Gray, learn whether you can force a parallel query plan, and more!
SQL Server Magazine UPDATE, February 1, 2007--Easing Performance-Tuning with Quad-Core Technology
There will always be a need for trained performance-tuning professionals, but quad-core technology simplifies one aspect of the quest for better performance. Plus, learn about Native XML Web Services in SQL Server 2005, and more!
SQL Server Magazine UPDATE, January 25, 2007--An Edition by Any Other Name
SQL Server Compact Edition is fundamentally different from other editions. Here's what makes it special. Plus, a new email newsletter helps you keep track of Windows Vista, dig into the solution to the January Reader Challenge, and more!
SQL Server Magazine UPDATE, January 18, 2007--A New Day, or Microsoft All the Way?
How will a large show such as Microsoft's first-ever BI conference affect attendance at other independent shows? Plus, learn where to download the newly release SQL Server Compact Edition, weigh in on the future of MSDN and TechNet, and more!
SQL Server Magazine UPDATE, January 4, 2007--BI Is for Everyone: Pass It On
Explore how widespread adoption of BI through tools like Swivel will affect the impact of “real” BI in the business world. Plus, read about the release of Visual Studio 2005 Tools for the 2007 Microsoft Office System and more!
SQL Server Magazine UPDATE, December 21, 2006
In the spirit of holiday fun, Brian Moran offers an ode in homage to everyone who is suffering through year-end projects. Plus, Microsoft releases Visual Studio 2005 SP1, and more!
SQL Express 12-18-06
Find out about the architecture underpinning SQL Server 2005 Express Edition and where the data that queries call up is actually stored.

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