I’m about to start the second chapter of my life in Washington state, USA, moving from Israel where I lived all my life. Most of my work is in the US, some in Europe, some elsewhere. In the last few years I’ve been traveling about two thirds of my time. Moving to the US will allow me to spend more time at home (at least weekends), and be close to Microsoft, which is very important to me. Also, I love hiking, and the area we are moving to—the Pacific Northwest—is full of amazing sceneries and hiking opportunities.

Our family consists of me, Lilach (my wife), and our  Canaan Dogs Jiru (white) and Seraph (black and white).

We’re moving with very little—just ourselves and four suitcases. First thing we do when we arrive to our home in WA is go to Ikea and get a bed.

The actual move involves a bit more than a cross-Atlantic flight; Lilach devised quite an interesting trip, and I thought others might find it interesting as well…

We didn’t want to put our dogs in two very long flights. Even one long flight would probably be traumatic for them. So we decided to fly from Israel to the east coast, rent a big car, and drive to the west coast over nine days. We’re planning to drive during the day and camp at night in KOA campgrounds along the way. It’s been hectic lately between my constant travels, clearing the house and getting arranged for the move. I’m looking forward to spending some quality time with the family, seeing a lot of the US on the road, and having campfires with potatoes and beer during the evenings in the campgrounds.

See you on the other side! :)

Itzik, Lilach, Jiru and Seraph

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on May 16, 2010
Sounds like a great adventure and interesting journey.
I started to travel with the help of your books into T-Sql and I'm glad to have found such a guide!
All the best to you and your family.
Do the dogs getting familiar with the US?

on Apr 9, 2010
Thanks all! BTW, Peso, a quarantine of the dogs wasn’t required; we just had to bring official documents showing they are vaccinated. We made it to the East coast and arrived last evening at our first campground. Though the first day was very eventful, we’re relieved that the toughest part (we hope) is behind us. Now it’s mainly fun.
on Apr 13, 2010
Excellent news. Congratulations. So...will you be posting your route through the usa? You should so that I can come out to the campsite and visit when you get close! Maybe tweet your location? Promise to bring beer...
on Apr 8, 2010
איציק- חבל לי אבל אני מבין אותך..
דרך צלחה- גם בטיסה, גם בטיול, וגם בפרק החדש; ובוודאי תגיע גם לכאן לפעמים.
on Apr 7, 2010
Mazal Tov and Kol Tov.
on Apr 13, 2010
Thanks for the offer Matt, but this journey is such an operation that it would be hard to coordinate meeting. And I don't want anyone to go out of their way. We’ll be at our destination in a couple of days already. As for the beer, I got a case of Guinness at the beginning of the trip. ;)

on Apr 7, 2010
Congratulations on your decision to move!

However, I think USA has strict rules for quarantine of dogs entering the country. It's worth checking. Worst case scenario is that they will be in quarantine for a few months.

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