Michael K. Campbell

President, OverAchiever Productions

Michael K. Campbell is a contributing editor for SQL Server Pro and Dev Pro and is an ASPInsider. Michael is the president of OverAchiever Productions, a consultancy dedicated to technical evangelism, mentoring, and quality solutions. He specializes in SQL Server, ASP.NET, and related technologies. Michael has been a professional developer, web master, and production DBA for several well-known companies. He enjoys learning, problem-solving, teaching, and creating free videos for www.sqlservervideos.com.

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New SQL Server Agent Job Step computer screen shot
May 13, 2014

SQL Server DBA Tip: Credentials and Proxies

In situations where elevated permissions are needed to execute particular SQL Server jobs, or more importantly, steps within given jobs, a more....More
SQL Server Agent job graph
May 07, 2014

Finding SQL Server Agent Jobs Running at a Particular Time

I’m guessing I’m not the first person to come up with the need to try and correlate a problem or issue on a server against whether or not a SQL....More
Man with mustache at computer
Apr 23, 2014

SQL Server Management Studio 2014: Notes from the Field

SQL Server Management Studio is a complex application that does a ton of wonderful things and, with SSMS 2014, there are still a couple of quirks or....More
computer keyboard with blue save money key
Apr 15, 2014

Save Thousands in Licensing Costs for SQL Server AlwaysOn Availability Groups

Windows Server 2012 or Windows Server 2012 R2 Standard Edition is a great way to save thousands on licensing—and save yourself some serious headaches....More
Apr 08, 2014

NoSQL: Eventual Consistency Yields Major Flaws

While I believe that NoSQL can have some places where it legitimately makes sense, I also believe that NoSQL is also the patently wrong choice for a....More
Apr 01, 2014

SQL Server 2014 Now Available—No Joke

Initial word on the street is that SQL Server 2014 has been very stable so far—which is probably why it went to release so quickly and bypassed what....More
Alt key on computer keyboard
Mar 25, 2014

Simple SQL Server Management Studio Trick: Multiple Line Text Editing

I've bumped into a few folks over the past year or so who simply don't know that you can easily edit (contiguous/similar) details across multiple....More
SQL Server acceptance testing at a desk
Mar 17, 2014

SQL Server Acceptance Testing: A Subtle Trick

For people who are simply too busy to tackle much needed SQL Server acceptance testing, I've found that a key way to tackle this is to simply....More
yellow and blue datacenter cables
Mar 11, 2014

Detailed Migration Steps for SQL Server Upgrades, Part III

Important post migration tasks are outlined in part III of this series on the steps you'll want to use when demoting an older server and promoting a....More
Man in a datacenter
Mar 11, 2014

Detailed Migration Steps for SQL Server Upgrades, Part II

Here's Part II of an overview of actual steps you'll want to use when demoting an older server and promoting a newer server as part of a SQL Server....More
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