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Jun 04, 2010

MERGE Puzzle and a Request for Warning1

Itzik describes certain use of the MERGE statement that can lead to unexpected results and points to a connect item that asks for a warning in such....More
Jun 01, 2010

Solutions to Related Tables Challenge3

Itzik covers solutions to last week’s T-SQL challenge – Related Tables....More
May 27, 2010

T-SQL Challenge - Identifying Related Tables5

Itzik provides a T-SQL challenge where you need to write a query that identifies tables related to an input table....More
Apr 30, 2010

Packing Date Intervals2

Itzik describes a technique to pack overlapping date intervals....More
Apr 07, 2010


Itzik is moving to the USA with his family to start a new chapter in life and talks about the planned trip....More
Mar 27, 2010

Splitting Separated Lists of Integers with HIERARCHYID2

Itzik tries a new technique to split separated lists of values using the HIERARCHYID data type....More
Mar 17, 2010

Aggregate Over Columns1

Itzik discusses solutions to a task involving calculating aggregates over a set of column values (as opposed to over a set of rows)....More
Feb 10, 2010

QUALIFY - Request for a New Filtering Clause3

Itzik describes a request for a new query filter clause called QUALIFY and asks for your vote....More
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