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Feb 08, 2012

If you planned on turning on the globalEnforcePriv setting in your SAN fabric to improve security ... don't!

There is a setting which is available within Cisco Fiber Channel switches that I ran across while configuring some new Cisco MDS switches that looked....More
Feb 01, 2012

My SAN admin wants to put my transaction logs on FAST storage. Should we?

No... Oh you wanted more information than that? OK Here goes....More
Jan 25, 2012

The Flooding in Thailand Is A Real Problem1

An awful lot of rain half way around the world is keeping me from getting hard drives delivered to a data center in New Jersey....More
data center in green, blue and pink lights
Jan 18, 2012

How Can I Use Storage Replication For A Data Center Migration?1

The answer to the question here will depend greatly on what storage platforms you have available to you. Assuming that you have some sort of storage....More
Jan 11, 2012

When purchasing a PDW which vendor should we use?

Microsoft has done a great job with the various vendors who can sell you a PDW to ensure that they meet very specific specs....More
Jan 05, 2012

Should the disks that you are backing up be aligned?

In short, yes. The LUN or disk which hosts the backups is probably the disk which needs the most write performance....More
Dec 28, 2011

What perfmon counters can I trust when using SAN disks?

Knowing which counters can be trusted to give you valid information and which counters can't be trusted is very important to properly monitoring and....More
Dec 21, 2011

Me and My New Crucial M4 SSD1

So a few weeks ago I got a nice little present in the mail from Crucial. It was one of their nice new(ish) M4 SSDs with a massive 256 Gigs of free....More
Dec 14, 2011

Should I be using Fiber Channel, iSCSI or FCoE?15

This is really an it depends question. There are a variety of things which can influence which technology you select....More
Dec 07, 2011

Can the fiber channel switch be a bottleneck?1

While it isn't the most common place that a performance bottleneck can happen, the fiber channel switches or Ethernet switches if you are using iSCSI....More
Nov 29, 2011

When do I want to look at IOPs and when megs per second?1

IOPs and Megs Per second are two very different numbers, and there are specific times when you want to look at each one....More
Nov 22, 2011

What are the seconds per read and seconds per write counters for?

When and why should I be looking at the seconds per read / write counters?....More
Nov 15, 2011

Can't I just build my own SAN using commodity hardware?

It really comes down to what you want to spend your money on, managing your systems or building the storage array....More
Nov 08, 2011

What are the benefits and issues with booting SQL Servers from the SAN?

The benefits of booting your server's from the SAN come from the manageability side of things, while the down sides come in the performance side of....More
Nov 02, 2011

11 Glorious Sessions on Storage and Virtualization

In this 11 session class we will learn all about enterprise storage and virtualization so that as the DBA we can make intelligent decisions about how....More

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