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Yellow tennis ball on white tennis court baseline
Nov 01, 2011

What are storage baselines, and why do I need them?

The what, where, and why of storage benchmarking....More
Oct 25, 2011

Are your disks being short stroked?

What is short stroking, besides something that sounds like it shouldn't be on this website?....More
Oct 18, 2011

Why do the bigger name brand storage arrays cost so much?

The storage array market has really blown open recently with a lot of new companies getting into the storage array business. With all these newer....More
Oct 11, 2011

Why do people purchase SAN over DAS?

As a DBA often the storage solution that is being used is simply thrust upon you. This will hopefully answer some of the questions of why you have a....More
Oct 04, 2011

Let's Have Lunch and Talk Storage

This year at the SQL PASS summit I'm once again taking a lunch table for the Birds of a Feather lunch on Friday. And even better than last year I....More
data storage rack
Oct 04, 2011

Should I be using table partitioning or auto tiering features of my storage array?

Debating SQL Server's table partitioning and storage array level auto-tiering....More
Sep 27, 2011

What is tiered storage and how can I use it in my environment?

Tiered storage (which you may have seen me talk about at the SQL PASS summit, SSWUG, user groups, SQL Saturday's, etc.) is a technique that storage....More
Sep 20, 2011

What should I be asking my SAN sales guy so he'll give me real world numbers?

In this blog post we talk about what you can do to get some real world performance numbers from your storage array vendor before purchasing. Sales....More
Sep 13, 2011

Making a Large Virtual Lab Using Minimal Hard Drive Space

As a presenter and author one of the biggest problems that I come across is running out of hard drive space when building virtual machines (VMs) for....More
Sep 06, 2011

Can Windows 2003 be used to host databases over a file share?

In this post I talk about some of the reasons that older operating systems like Windows 2003 may not provide a good platform for remotely hosted SQL....More
Aug 30, 2011

Storage Questions Answered, And For The Right Price

When I started this blog I wanted to put together somewhere that people could get their real life storage questions answered without having to bring....More
Aug 23, 2011

Not All Data Compression Is Created Equal

While we like to say that storage is cheap, the reality is that cheap is relative. If you don’t have budget for more storage, suddenly storage isn’t....More
Aug 16, 2011

If It's Instant, It Isn't A Backup1

Pretty much every storage vender supports the concept of snapshots. Often these storage snapshots are presented to companies by the vendor as a way....More
Aug 09, 2011

SSDs or Spinning Disks—What’s Right for Me?1

Solid State Disks (SSDs), also called Enterprise Flash Disks (EFDs) by EMCm are great for some workloads, specifically random workloads. Typically....More

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