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in L.E.A.P Think Jun 21, 2012

Asking the right question at the right time is an art form.

The right question at the right time can have a huge impact on someone’s life. I’ve come to believe that questions tend to be more interested than....More
in L.E.A.P Think Jun 16, 2012

Culture might be the most important and least talked about aspect of building successful business.

Shared culture and vision within a team and its leaders might be the single most important thing that determines the long term success of a company....More
in L.E.A.P Think Jun 11, 2012

Reflections on taking Joseph to #SQLSat121 Philadelphia

This blog covers leadership and entrepreneurism. What better place to start than in the home? My kids are 11 and 9. They have plenty of time to....More
in L.E.A.P Think Jun 05, 2012

Help your team come up with solutions. Don’t simply solve their problems.

What happens if you are a manager or leader when someone on your team comes to you seeking a solution a problem? Do you solve it or help them to come....More
in L.E.A.P Think Jun 05, 2012

You may never be a tax expert… but never rely on just your CPA to maximize deductions and tax breaks.

I’ve been in business for myself for more than a decade and have used a CPA to assist me with my taxes for much of that time. However, over the years....More
in L.E.A.P Think Apr 12, 2012

Do you need a coach?

Coaching as a profession has been gaining more traction in recent years but professional coaching in the business space is still a concept that is a....More
in L.E.A.P Think Apr 10, 2012

Does it ever make sense to negotiate a counter offer from your current employer?

Conventional wisdom says that using an offer from a new job to negotiate a counter offer with your current employee is a dangerous task. Most advice....More
in L.E.A.P Think Apr 05, 2012

What happens when you’re an IT pro and your ‘outgrow’ your current job or company?

Have you ever been told ‘this is the most you can make here unless you start to manage people’? What would it look like if IT professionals had a....More
in L.E.A.P Think Apr 03, 2012

Is treating everyone on your team ‘the same’ fair?

Treating everyone the same is rarely fair or what’s best for them. This is a topic that new leaders, and sometimes very mature leaders, often....More
in L.E.A.P Think Mar 28, 2012

Does a DBA need an MBA to get ahead?

A recent US News and World Report headline caught my eye. The title was “8 Ideal Jobs for M.B.A. Grads”. I was curious and read it. The top job....More

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