Paul S. Randal


Paul Randal worked on Microsoft's SQL Server team for nine years in development and management roles, writing many of the DBCC commands. Randal was ultimately responsible for SQL Server 2008's core storage engine. Randal now works as a consultant, trainer, speaker, and writer specializing in internals, maintenance, availability, and disaster recovery.

Posts by Paul S. Randal


From SQL Server 2005 onwards (when the metadata subsystem inside SQL Server was extensively rewritten), the database management portion of the....More

Curious Case of the missing SOS_SCHEDULER_YIELD waits

Many of the monitoring scripts/tools for looking at wait statistics aggregate all the wait statistics and return the top 95% of all waits occurring,....More

Physical ordering of records in an index

Learn how how Microsoft SQL Server maintains the ordering of record storage in indexes including at what point the records get moved around on the....More

Is my master database really corrupt?

It’s becoming increasingly common these days for DBAs to want to offload consistency checking of production databases to a secondary server, so that....More

How to prevent table scans when searching LOB data?

If a SELECT has the LOB column in the WHERE clause then the query plan will involve a table scan – as you cannot create a nonclustered index over a....More

Enable backup compression by default?

The SQL community was really pleased when Microsoft listened to everyone’s feedback and made backup compression available in Standard Edition of SQL....More

Setting permissions on a database mirror database snapshot

The only way to access the data in a mirror database is to create a database snapshot on the mirror database and then have users connect to the....More

Do query plans take account of what data is in memory?

When the query optimizer is evaluating various plans as it narrows down the possible choices for the best plan it can come up with in a reasonable....More

Why does using repair invalidate replication subscriptions?

Any time that the REPAIR_ALLOW_DATA_LOSS option of DBCC CHECKDB (hereafter just called 'repair') is used, you need to consider the effect on....More

Transaction log corruption and DBCC CHECKDB

The process for creating a database snapshot is to checkpoint the real database, and then essentially run crash-recovery on the real database, but....More

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