Power BI users rejoice: At Microsoft's Data Insight Summit, the company announced a host new features, including tighter integration with Excel, as well as that Microsoft's data visualization and analysis service now had 5 million subscribers.

The Excel updates allow analysis of Power BI data right in Excel, as well as the ability to pin data from Excel and have it appear in Power BI dashboards.

As every industry becomes a big data industry, the moves could help open up access to a much broader group of users, and help a wider array of companies build up their data teams.

Microsoft Researcher also had something completely new to show off at the Summit: SandDance, a new application with both web-based and Power BI visual offerings that helps dive deeper into by representing each data point as an individual spot and letting users switch seemlessly between aggregate trends and individual outliers.


Microsoft's keynote speaker at the event is Nate Silver, who will be speaking at 3 p.m. specific time, which Microsoft will livestream.