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Golden Records Are Key to Solid Data Quality (White Paper)
Gain better BI through an effective data quality routine in SQL Server. Know who your customer really is with clean, verified, deduplicated, and accurate information in a world over-flowing with data.

A Data Quality Primer: Using Data Quality Tools and Techniques to Improve Business Value (e-Book)
Discover five key aspects of proactive data quality management that will help you avoid knee-jerk reactions caused by data errors. The core concepts of data quality are explored in detail as a starting point for business value derived from “quality information.”

Data Quality Solutions for a Global Marketplace (Catalog)
Take the worry out of data quality issues with free trials of our data quality solutions. Melissa Data offers a solution-packed, convenient catalog ideal for your specific global or domestic contact data management needs no matter the size of your organization.

AltaPass Foundation, Inc. (Case Study)
AltaPass, a non-profit organization needed updated contact data to ensure its public activities and fundraisers were successful. Its large contact database dated back more than 10 years. The group turned to Melissa Data’s Listware® for Excel® to verify, correct, and update their outdated member and donor information to achieve improved outreach efforts.

The Real Cost of Bad Data: The 1-10-100 Rule (Whitepaper)
The “1-10-100 Rule” is a reminder of the importance of accurate records. If you didn’t know that up to 20 percent of your contact data is flawed when captured and saved to your database, then this whitepaper will open your eyes.

Express Entry®: Discover How to Speed Up Order Entry with 50% Fewer Keystrokes (Video)
Get 100% accurate address capture with ease using Express Entry, Melissa Data’s auto-completion Web service. This video demonstration shows how U.S. and international addresses can be verified in real time to reduce lost leads and save money by fewer returned postal items, and covers plugins offered for popular e-commerce platforms.

Listware® for Salesforce®: A Data Cleaning App (Video)
Put the most accurate records in your hands. Data is always in flux and customers may move without an address notification or may get a new email. This video shows how Melissa Data’s cloud-based data quality and enrichment app integrates into to utilizes real-time, full contact data quality, global address auto-completion, and property and mortgage enrichment data for improved CRM and enhanced account and contact data.

MtchUp® : Dedupe Your Database (Video)
This video focuses on merging and purging your records—deduping—to achieve a single, comprehensive view of customers in your database. Watch a demonstration of how Melissa Data’s MatchUp identifies multiple records at the same address and how its 12 matching algorithms dedupes files for improved sales, marketing, and analytics.

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