Contact data quality is all we do – and we do it better than anyone in the industry. Since 1985, Melissa Data has offered data quality solutions that integrate quickly into internal applications and systems. Our premier tools for Microsoft SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) offer the full spectrum of solutions that address the entire data quality life cycle – from profiling data to identify weaknesses, to cleaning, enriching, matching, and monitoring data over time.

Melissa Data offers global address, phone, email, name, and identity verification solutions; geocoding services; and data enrichments to maximize the effectiveness of business intelligence, big data analytics and omnichannel marketing initiatives.

More than 10,000 companies worldwide rely on Melissa Data to gain and maintain a single, accurate and trusted view of critical information assets.

We offer 30-day free trials, unlimited tech support, consulting services, and a 120-day Guaranteed ROI program. Melissa Data is a Registered Microsoft Partner with international offices in the United Kingdom, Germany, Australia, and India.

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Melissa Data Downloadable Resources

Quick Overview of our Full Spectrum Data Quality Solutions (Video)
Check out this 2-minute overview of our full spectrum of data quality solutions so you can be confident knowing you’re working with the most reliable, accurate, and complete data.

Golden Records Are Key to Solid Data Quality (White Paper)
Gain better BI through an effective data quality routine in SQL Server. Know who your customer really is with clean, verified, deduplicated, and accurate information in a world over-flowing with data.

Global Contact Data Quality Tools for MDM Success (Catalog)
Data quality isn’t a one-time fix. It’s a process that must be employed repeatedly to maintain good data. Learn how our Data Quality Components for SSIS delivers clean, quality data for MDM, BI, enterprise data warehousing, and Big Data success. Download our free mini-catalog now.

Why Your Data Sucks: The Surprisingly Short Half-Life of Data (Magazine)
Read about your data’s short half-life, how to fight “truth decay”, the pros and cons of various procedures to call data quality operations using SQL Server, and more!

School of Medicine Successfully Cleansed & Integrated Data with SSIS (Case Study)
Northern Ontario School of Medicine integrated data from 30 distinct data source systems using our Data Quality Components for SSIS.