Don’t drive data blind.

Pyramid Analytics: Trusted insights for every employee across your business.

Your company’s smarter, when everyone’s smarter

It’s an exciting time to be in business. Today’s digital technologies are driving transformation across all industries. They’re unlocking opportunities to engage with customers in more compelling ways, enhance operational efficiencies, and create new business models, taking your business to heights you never imagined. At tzhe center of this business transformation is advanced data analytics and intelligence, carrying the right information to the right people, when they need it, to drive real change.

Here at Pyramid Analytics, we believe too many businesses are driving data blind. Too few business users have access to rich analytics. Or, the tools they use support only isolated analytics experiences. The net result is confusion and chaos, with people making business decisions based on incomplete, inconsistent, or outdated data.

At Pyramid Analytics, we are focused on helping you overcome BI limitations and put data to work across your company so everyone can make smarter decisions based on trusted information.

Who we are

Pyramid Analytics is a recognized innovator in business analytics. From Day One, Pyramid Analytics has focused on helping companies extend the reach and impact of analytics. We’re rated #1 in the field by leading BI analysts and end users, and we have engaged with hundreds of industry-leading companies to take them from data blind to data driven, empowering more than 1M decision makers to steer their business forward.

We offer a complete, top-ranked enterprise business analytics platform that enables organizations to:

  • Overcome the limitations of their current BI and analytics tools. Our enterprise business analytics platform uniquely bridges the gap between desktop tools and legacy BI systems to deliver a complete solution.
  • Drive to 100% user adoption across the business by offering analytics experiences for everyone, making complex analytics simple, and help businesses foster a culture of analytics that makes it easy for people to share, discuss, and collaborate on their analyses and insights.
  • Meet the needs across departments: business people love the user experience and improved effectiveness, IT can maintain centralized management without bottlenecks, and the BI initiative owner now has the fastest path to building a data-driven business.
  • Achieve incredibly fast time-to-value by deploying in days, not weeks, for unmatched time-to-value. Our customers have built their very first dashboards within hours of implementing the product.

Pyramid Analytics changes everything

We live in a data rich world that requires a new approach to enterprise business intelligence. There is no faster, easier way to make business analytics universally available and valuable than Pyramid Analytics. It’s the ultimate win for any BI initiative: control the data, unleash the intelligence. And it’s the key to building a data-driven business that outsmarts competitors, succeeds with customers, and thrives in the marketplace.

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