SIOS Technology has launched its high-performance data replication solution, SteelEye DataKeeper Cloud Edition, which provides real-time SQL Server data protection in Amazon EC2 environments. This solution makes the deployment of high-availability systems in the cloud much easier so companies can take advantage of Amazon Web Service (AWS) cloud deployments. As a result of the company's partnership with Amazon, this is the only solution that enables native SQL Server failover clustering in the Amazon Cloud without requiring SANs.

"SIOS understands the inhibitors that prevent users from taking advantage of disruptive technologies like the cloud," said Celia Cattani, SIOS vice president of Americas Sales. "Through our partnership with Amazon and the introduction of SteelEye DataKeeper Cloud Edition, not only are we the only company to make opportunities like failover clustering in the Amazon Cloud possible, but we make it easy for customers to reap the benefits of a cluster without an expensive SAN," said Cattani.

SteelEye DataKeeper Cloud Edition provides full support for Standard or Enterprise Editions of SQL Server 2012, 2008 R2, 2008, and 2005. Visit the SteelEye DataKeeper Cloud Edition web page to learn more information. To learn more about replication with SQL Server, see the SQL Server Pro articles "SAN Replication vs. Clustering vs. Mirroring" and "How Can I Use Storage Replication For A Data Center Migration?"