Do you know how to write an MDX query that returns non-numeric results? Here is an example of how useful this capability can be. If you list your company's top 10 products based on unit sales, wouldn't you like to see a mark next to the products that make a low profit? The following MDX query demonstrates how you can create a calculated member that results in string values rather than numeric measure values.

                              WITH MEMBER \[Measures\].\[Low Profit\] as 'iif(                                  (\[Product\].CurrentMember,                                  \[Profit\]) < 300, "!!!", "")'                              SELECT \{ \[Unit Sales\], \[Low                                 Profit\] \} ON COLUMNS,                               TOPCOUNT( \[Product\].\[Product                                 Name\].Members, 10, \[Unit                                 Sales\] ) ON ROWS                              FROM \[Sales\]                               

The query compares the current product's profit against 300. If profit for a product is less than 300, you see "!!!". Otherwise, you see an empty string. The result is in Screen A.