Web interactions, brick-and-mortar transactions, mobile apps on cellular phones, and intelligent devices on the factory floor: Today there is an explosion of data sources that is driving an exponential boom in the volume of data. It may seem overwhelming, but the good news is organizations of all types have the opportunity to use that data to drive smarter decisions. Today data is a currency, a compass, and a new natural resource that can be tapped to provide new forms of value.

Companies that recognize this are differentiating themselves, and thriving. A recent IDC study looked at companies that have a data-centric culture versus those without. The results showed a massive “data dividend” for companies adapting to this new data-heavy environment — as much as $1.6 trillion in new value worldwide.

This white paper discusses the new features, and those that are coming soon, that continue to make SQL Server the most cost-effective, flexible and powerful solution for managing data today.