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Mar 20, 2014

SQL Server Evolution

Michael Otey discusses the evolution of SQL Server, all the way to SQL Server 2014....More
Feb 19, 2014

Documenting Code

Michael Otey believes that as long as programmers still write code, there’s a need for code comments....More
Feb 14, 2014

Is the PC Dying?

Michael Otey opines that the PC will do just fine against the rising juggernaut of tablet and PC sales....More
Jan 6, 2014
SQL Server Pro

Session 3: Handling Corruption  

Presented by: Robert Davis Running Time: 59 min Corruption can happen no matter how much care we take to prevent it. It’s inevitable, so the best course of action is to be ready for when it does happen. We will learn in the earlier sessions how to detect corruption, and now it’s time to learn what to do once you have identified it. We will explore the different types of corruption and the options for handling each type … without data loss....More
Jan 6, 2014
SQL Server Pro

Session 2: Recovering Lost Data  

Presented by: Robert Davis Running Time: 51 min What do you do when someone forgets the WHERE clause on a delete statement or if a table gets accidentally dropped? We will look at ways to proactively prepare for the recovery of lost data and techniques for recovering the data after it has been lost, including techniques for mining the transaction log for the offending transactions....More
Jan 6, 2014
SQL Server Pro

Session 1: Data Integrity and Recovery  

Presented by: Robert Davis Running Time: 37 min Data integrity forms the basis for building a disaster recovery strategy. We’ll take a look at the built-in mechanisms for protecting integrity and detecting corruption. We will cover standards and best practices everyone should follow and demonstrate how and why the practices will protect against and prevent data loss....More
Michael Otey
Dec 27, 2013

Database Industry Trends

Michael Otey discusses hot new trends in the database industry....More
Dec 4, 2013

Best Practices for Virtualizing SQL Server  

Michael Otey, Senior Technical Director for SQL Server Pro, outlines in this webcast video how to take advantage of all the options for SQL Server vritualization while also gaining the most performance advantages....More
Nov 25, 2013

What Is SQL Server 2014's In-Memory OLTP Database Engine?

The new In-Memory OLTP database engine clearly positions SQL Server 2014 as the enterprise database market leader in in-memory technologies....More
Nov 22, 2013

SQL Server 2012, High Availabililty, and You  

Learn more about SQL Server 2012 High Availability (HA) from Allan Hirt in this webcast video....More
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computer keyboard with blue save money key
Apr 15, 2014

Save Thousands in Licensing Costs for SQL Server AlwaysOn Availability Groups

Windows Server 2012 or Windows Server 2012 R2 Standard Edition is a great way to save thousands on licensing—and save yourself some serious headaches when deploying SQL Server AlwaysOn Availabiliity Groups....More
Apr 8, 2014

NoSQL: Eventual Consistency Yields Major Flaws

While I believe that NoSQL can have some places where it legitimately makes sense, I also believe that NoSQL is also the patently wrong choice for a number of different types of applications or use cases....More
Apr 1, 2014

SQL Server 2014 Now Available—No Joke

Initial word on the street is that SQL Server 2014 has been very stable so far—which is probably why it went to release so quickly and bypassed what would typically have been another pre-release....More
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