Microsoft and ISC have announced that MapDotNet, a .NET GIS platform that enables spatial data visualization and analysis, “will play an important role for government customers that adopt Microsoft Single View Platform.” Microsoft Single View Platform is a data visualization product that lets government agencies view a single, geographic representation of important data in real-time or near real-time. According to the Single View Platform website, “You can deploy Microsoft SVP easily across multiple roles and user interfaces to support faster and better-informed decision-making with timely and effective coordination among all stakeholders.” For more information about Single View Platform, visit

According to Microsoft and ISC, you can use MapDotNet in Single View Platform to create interactive mapping applications that offer geospatial data visualization and analysis capabilities. This product integrates with Microsoft Virtual Earth, a 3D mapping tool, and supports SQL Server 2008 as a spatial data repository. For more information about MapDotNet, go to

You can learn more about SQL Server 2008's spatial capabilities in the SQL Server Magazine article Integrating SQL Server 2008 Spatial Capabilities with Microsoft Virtual Earth. To learn more about SQL Server 2008's spatial data types, read New Data Types in SQL Server 2008.