SQL Assistant 4.0 is now available from SoftTree Technologies. This version of the product improves both code quality and code accuracy by providing developers with SQL programming productivity tools. "SQL Assistant converts many popular application development tools to full blown database development systems by adding a vast array of essential database development functions," said SoftTree Technologies’ CTO Dmitriy Evinshteyn.

This product offers assistance with code typing and provides you with SQL IntelliSense+ features and a real-time syntax checker. According to SoftTree Technologies, “Its ability to eliminate up to 75 percent of keystrokes, automatically generate high quality SQL code, correct SQL syntax and spelling errors, use historical coding patterns to suggest commonly used queries will turbo-charge developer productivity.” In addition, this product lets you customize the code format based on developers’ coding habits.

SQL Assistant 4.0 supports SQL Server 2008, 2005, and 2000; Oracle; MySQL; IBM DB2; Sybase ASA and ASE; and PostgreSQL. For more information about SQL Assistant 4.0, email sales@softtreetech.com or visit www.softtree.com.