I wanted to relay a cool offering from SQL Server MVP David Mauri.  Rather than re-write his original post, I'll simply quote him here:

I use SSIS a lot and I find that the logging support is really poor.

The problem is not related to the SSIS Object Model, but to the current implementation of DTExec. To have a DTExec tool as I'd like I've created my DTExec tool that I have called DTLoggedExec.

As the name suggest is a simply DTExec replacement that allows to switch logging on/off without having to modify the packages and also provide deeper logging (variables values, expression values and so on).

If someone uses SSIS a lot too he may find it useful, and also willing to contribute :-)

You can download the full source code on Codeplex:


Other informations (screenshots and so on) can be found here:


Any feedback is *really* welcome!

Thanks for this great offering, David!