Hi everyone,

I hope the holiday season has been eventful and joyous for you.  It certainly has been fun here at Casa De Kline.

Techno-geeks are a different sort when it comes to holiday gifts.  If you’d ever consider being happy with a gift like a thumbdrive or an iPod, you’re definitely among the techno-geek crowd. 

Perhaps I should’t be too proud of this, but there are a lot of techno-geek things on my holiday list.  Here's a small handful:

·        Halo 2; is there a better way to bond with my teenage son?

·        Treo 650; finally, an all-in-one mobile utility device!

·        Digital camera? Here’s where I need your help.  I want a new high-end digital camera, but what kind?  I know I want 5 megapixels, a very good optical zoom, and (most important with little kids) a quick shutter speed.  As long as digital cameras have a slow shutter speed, I’ll have to stick with 35mm film.

How about you?  I’d like to hear about your techno-geek gifts this year!  What was on your list, what met your expectations and what fell short.


Warm wishes for a happy New Year!