Product Spotlight:

Support Multiple Auditing Methods

SoftTree Technologies announced DB Audit Expert 2.6, a professional database auditing solution for SQL Server, Oracle, Sybase, and IBM DB2. The software lets DBAs, system administrators, security administrators, auditors, and operators track and analyze database activity including database security, access and usage, data creation, and changes or deletions. DB Audit's most distinguishing feature is its built-in support for multiple auditing methods, which gives you the flexibility to choose the best fit for your database security requirements. The product lets you centralize auditing control of multiple database systems from a single location for easy management. The software also lets you create analytical reports and lets you generate realtime email alerts to let key personnel know about changes to sensitive data. And the software provides transparent system-level and data-change auditing of existing applications without requiring changes to those applications. Pricing for DB Audit Expert 2.6 starts at $299 for a Management Console license, and a free trial version is available for download. For more information, contact SoftTree Technologies at 800-289-9256,, or


Use Stripes to Simplify SQL Server Management

PureNetworking announced SQL Stripes, database management software for SQL Server that brings together an array of monitoring and management tools in a single interface. The product works as an array of "stripes," one per SQL Server. Each stripe shows the server name and IP address, status of key services, server version, and hard-drive space. Stripes are easy to set up, and you can define a group to monitor each time you launch the program. With a single mouse click, you can see all the databases on a server, their size, free space, owner, and status. Another click gets you a pie chart of database sizes. You can even get a listing of active processes and access to all the tables in the database. Support for SQL statements means you can fetch data from tables, focus on a few rows, or edit data and save changes to your database. From the database listing, you can also drill into views or run basic DBCC statements. You can check out physical files or look into maintenance plan logs and backup job status as well. The product includes an alerting service that can that can deliver e-mail, visual, or audio alerts if a server goes down, a maintenance job fails, or disk space gets low. Pricing for SQL Stripes starts at $350 for the Standard Edition and $1000 for the Enterprise Edition. For more information, contact PureNetworking at info@purenetworking .net or


Find and Fix Database Entities

Nob Hill Software announced the latest release of Diana, a database-entity browser, finder, and information provider. The software lets developers and DBAs find specific entities, search and replace database code, and fix broken entities across multiple databases in multiple servers. Implemented as a Windows-based application, Diana lets you find entities by any attribute, including name, creation date, type, subtext, metadata properties, dependencies, and runtime execution attributes. You can use the software to find entities that don't compile or won't run properly, find entities that would run faster with indexes, and find unused indexes that consume unnecessary disk space. Features include a powerful result-set grid that simplifies finding entities by resorting, filtering, grouping, and exporting them to an external file. The software supports all editions of SQL Server 2000 and 7.0. Pricing starts at $49 for a single license for the silver version and $89 for the gold version. A free full version is available for students. For more information, contact Nob Hill Software at 646-831-6344,, or


Alert DBAs to Database Changes

Quest Software announced SQL Watch for SQL Server 2005, 2000, and 7.0, software that sends DBAs automatic email and SNMP alerts about changes to the structure of SQL Server databases. SQL Watch uses a consolidated view of the enterprise to compare previous views and new views of database objects. The software informs DBAs of structural changes to the database and includes object details such as the object's name, its original contents, any added objects, and objects' current contents. The software retains a change history so that DBAs can produce comparison reports for different time periods. And the product provides the ability to track metadata changes (e.g., changes to DTS packages, replication rules, and database restore activity) at the database and SQL Server instance levels. For pricing and other information, contact Quest Software at 949-754-8000 or


Deliver Web-Browser-Based Reports

LogiXML announced LGX Report Liberator Edition, a free, zero-footprint business intelligence (BI) reporting product that lets you deliver Web-browser-based reports. The software rests on fully managed .NET code that's easier to deploy, maintain, and integrate than client/server reporting products. LGX Report Liberator Edition is based on an open, portable XML standard that doesn't lock users into saving reports in proprietary binary files. The product is the base component of LogiXML's complete Business Intelligence Report Development Platform, which lets developers connect with Web services and all major databases, including SQL Server, Oracle, IBM DB2, Sybase, and MySQL. You can easily upgrade LGX Report Liberator Edition to the company's Enterprise Reporting, Dashboarding, and Interactive Data Analysis products. For more information, contact LogiXML at 888-564-4965, 703-748-0020,, or


Build Superior SQL Scripts

Red Earth Technologies announced Superior SQL Builder 2.0, a tool that lets you build complete SQL scripts without typing any code. The product's latest release supports multi-database SQL development, which gives DBAs, developers, and other database professionals a quick, easy method to develop substantial SQL scripts. Other new features include support for multiple database connections, simplification of the script template development process, and explicit support for MySQL 5.0. Standard features of the product include the ability to eliminate syntax, logic, and typographical errors during SQL development. The product supports SQL Server, Microsoft Access, Oracle, and MySQL and runs on Windows 98 and above. Superior SQL Builder registration costs $249, and a fully functional evaluation version of the product is available at the vendor's Web site. For more information, contact Red Earth Technologies at 61-7-5534-6551,, or http://www