Quest Software is sponsoring half-day seminars for enterprise resource planning (ERP) applications throughout the country. “Building a High Availability Strategy for your ERP Applications” is designed to help attendees manage ERP applications, improve deployment, and maintain a high availability environment after the go-live phase. Seminar dates and cities are: October 13, 1999, Boston, Massachusetts; October 14, Teaneck, New Jersey; October 15, Washington, D.C.; October 19, Houston, Texas; October 20, Atlanta, Georgia; October 21, Tampa, Florida; October 22, Dallas, Texas; October 26, Long Beach, California; October 27, Seattle, Washington; October 28, Sacramento, California; October 29, San Francisco, California; November 2, Minneapolis, Minnesota; November 3, Detroit, Michigan; November 4, Columbus, Ohio; November 5, Chicago, Illinois. Registration information is available at