My friend and colleague Joe Webb has recently started blogging about SQLNS-related stuff at  (Joe and I have know each other quite a while now through our mutual service with PASS, through our local SQL Server users group in Nashville, and by both being MVPs.)  I'm sure he'd love to hear your comments and feedback.

Here's a snippet from his original blog posting:

For quite some time now I’ve been meaning to create a web site devoted to SQL Server Notification Services, something similar to the site that Darren Green & Allan Mitchell have created. But I haven’t been able to make the time, at least not in the past year and a half or so. And I’m not sure that I see that changing any time soon.

So, rather than waiting for a dedicated site to begin sharing my musings on SQLNS, I decided to start here...

Joe is a great writer and one of the foremost authorities on SQL Notification Services.  So please check out his new site.  I hope you find it useful and constructive, or at least somewhat amusing.

Best regards,