Microsoft Press released several resources aimed at end users, IT professionals, and developers. Publications focusing on SQL Server applications include: Microsoft SQL Server 7.0 System Administration Online Training Kit, a hands-on, multimedia training system and reference guide on CD-ROM; Microsoft SQL Server 7.0 Administrator's Companion, a CD-ROM and 928-page tutorial and comprehensive reference for IT professionals who deploy and manage SQL Server 7.0. Also, Microsoft Press released the Microsoft SQL 7.0 Resource Guide, a CD-ROM and 816-page guide that provides in-depth technical information and tools on CD-ROM-direct from the Microsoft BackOffice product team; and Deploying Microsoft SQL Server 7.0 Notes from the Field, a 592-page book that outlines the best practices and procedures for deploying Microsoft SQL Server 7.0 in an enterprise environment. Additional information about these and other recent releases are available at