Mid-market companies need to deploy Business Intelligence (BI) to thrive, and in some cases survive, in an increasingly volatile and competitive market. A BI solution consists of a set of reports or dashboards with built-in analytical capabilities that query a data warehouse or data mart. A complete BI solution contains all the software, hardware and services needed to generate insights from data. For mid-market companies, the stakes have never been higher.

The cost of a BI solution once was more than a mid-market company could handle. Read this white paper to learn how the market is changing. As the BI market reaches maturity, vendors are beginning to target midsize organizations as a new growth segment. Most BI vendors now offer products and services to mid-market companies that are more affordable and easier to deploy than their enterprise counterparts. Moreover, there are a slew of experienced BI consultants, both at vendor organizations and independent consultancies, who are keen to guide mid-market companies on their BI journeys.