In addition to Report Manager (the ASP.NET web application used to access, run and manage reports in the web browser), a new report portal web interface is introduced .  The new portal has a look-and-feel  we are accustomed to seeing in other modern apps from Microsoft these days; with responsive design for constancy on different device form factors.  Report Portal will be the home for mobile reports, KPIs and paginated reports - the new name for RDL reports authored with Reporting Services.  In the future, we may see support for additional content types.  Here is a look at the initial page and display options in my test environment:

Report Portal works in the CTP 3.2 build including some menu items as placeholder for future completion.  My experience has been a bit rough so far.  After system restarts, I have had to disable then re-enable the portal. This is accomplished by removing and re-adding the port 80 assignment for Report Manager in the Reporting Services Configuration Manager. 

The image from the official Microsoft SQL Server Blog shows the Report Portal hosting KPIs, mobile dashboards, SSRS paginated reports.