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AlwaysOn is one of the more visible and talked-about additions to SQL Server 2012. Yet, despite all of the fanfare, many organizations have yet to take advantage of AlwaysOn. This might be partly due to increased licensing costs or to complexities involved with correctly setting up and managing AlwaysOn. Or, it might also be due to the fact that AlwaysOn isn't actually a feature of SQL Server - it's a marketing term used to 'brand' some High Availability and Disaster Recovery features - thus helping to add to the confusion and complexity surrounding AlwaysOn and the benefits it provides.

To get to the bottom of these points of confusion and to gain a better understanding of what SQL Server AlwaysOn is and does, join independent SQL Server consultant and expert Michael K. Campbell for an informative look at common gotchas with SQL Server AlwaysOn. By attending this presentation you'll learn about some of the complexities and problems surrounding AlwaysOn Availability Groups and Failover Cluster Instances. You'll also learn about poorly documented problems and pitfalls associated with configuring and managing AlwaysOn solutions within your own environment as well as address tips and tricks for better sizing, scoping, and efficiently deploying AlwaysOn solutions within your organization.



Michael K. Campbell is a contributing editor for SQL Server Pro and Dev Pro and is an ASPInsider. Michael is the president of OverAchiever Productions, a consultancy dedicated to technical evangelism, mentoring, and quality solutions. He specializes in SQL Server, ASP.NET, and related technologies. Michael has been a professional developer, web master, and production DBA for several well-known companies. He enjoys learning, problem-solving, teaching, and creating free videos for www.sqlservervideos.com.

Varun Singh is a Chief Technology Officer. Varun leads ScaleArc's Product Development and Technology Strategy. Varun also served as ScaleArc's CEO from March 2009 to Sept 2013. Varun is a technologist with broad experience in several fields, from running Linux-based BBS systems in the pre-internet-boom days, to writing about technology and open source software at PC Quest, CHIP, Digit and Network Computing, to creating India's top online technology brands such as TechTree and Tech2, to hosting technology shows on CNBC, TV18, CNN-IBN and ET Now. He led large Web & Application development teams as CTO at Network 18's web division and built the highly scalable technology behind large websites like IN.com, MoneyControl.com and various other portals.