TABLE A: Columns in the File Statistics Table
Column Name Data Type Description
DbId smallint Database ID
FileId smallint File ID
TimeStampintTimestamp at which the data was taken
AsynchReadsbigintNumber of asynchronous reads issued on the file
AsynchWritesbigintNumber of asynchronous writes to the file
AsynchBytesReadbigintNumber of asynchronous bytes read from the file
AsynchBytesWrittenbigintNumber of asynchronous bytes written to the file
SynchReadsbigintNumber of synchronous reads from the file
SynchWritesbigintNumber of synchronous writes to the file
SynchBytesReadbigintNumber of synchronous bytes read from the file
SynchBytesWrittenbigintNumber of synchronous bytes written to the file
IoStallMSbigintTotal amount of time (in milliseconds) users waited for the I/O to complete on the file