TABLE 1: Members of the SQLVDirControl Object
Member Type Description
Connect([ServerName as String] [, WebSiteNumber as String]) Method Connects to an installation of IIS. You must call this method before working with any other SQLVDir object. You can specify the name of the IIS server (localhost is the default value) and the Web site within the server by number (1 is the default value). If you don't specify either parameter, you get the default Web site on the current machine.
Disconnect Method Disconnects from IIS. You must call this method before connecting to a different server and when finishing your session. If you want to connect to different Web sites on the same server, you can call Connect multiple times without calling Disconnect.
IISServerName Property (read-only) Returns the name of the server you're currently connected to. If you don't specify a server name (or specify localhost) when you call Connect, this property returns the name of the server.
SQLVDirs Property Returns a collection of virtual directories that the connected server hosts. Use this property to work with individual virtual directories.