TABLE 3: Members of the ISQLVDir Object
New Virtual Directory Properties Dialog Box Tab Property Data Type Description
General Name String Name of the virtual directory.
General PhysicalPath String Full physical path to the folder associated with the virtual directory.
Security SecurityMode tagSecurityModes—smBASIC (4), smINTEGRATED (8), smSQL (1), smWindowsAnonymous (2) Security mode for your virtual directory. Choose any one of smBASIC, smINTEGRATED, smSQL, or smWindowsAnonymous. If you don't specify a security setting, you'll get smSQL for SecurityMode, with a UserName of sa and no password.
Security UserName String User login that the virtual directory uses to connect to the data source. If you set the SecurityMode to smBASIC or smINTEGRATED and supply a UserName anyway, SQLVDir will set the SecurityMode to smSQL for you without warning.
Security Password String Password to use with the UserName property you specify. SQLVDir provides the same overriding behavior for this property as it does for UserName.
Security EnablePasswordSync Long Specifies whether IIS handles anonymous password synchronization. If set to True, IIS synchronizes anonymous passwords. Attempting to set this property when the SecurityMode property is set to anything other than smWindowsAnonymous will trigger a runtime error. If you set this property to True, you won't be able to set the Password property—attempting to do so will trigger a runtime error.
Data Source ServerName String Name of the server running SQL Server 2000. Use (local) to specify the current computer.
Data Source DatabaseName String Name for the database you use to query this virtual directory.
Settings AllowFlags tagAllowFlags—afPOST (128), afTEMPLATES (8), afURL_QUERIES (1), afXPATH (64) Specifies the type of access allowed through this virtual directory. Select one or more of the listed values (combined with the OR or + operators) or 0 to specify no access at all. (Set the AllowFlags property to 0 while you're changing settings on existing virtual directories so that IIS rejects attempts to access the directory while you're working on it.)
Settings PostSize Long If you allow POST queries in the AllowFlags property, this property sets the maximum size of the POST query. The default value is 100 bytes.
Virtual Names VirtualNames IVirtualNames Returns a collection of virtual names associated with the virtual directory.
Advanced AdditionalSettings String Lets you supply additional settings for your specific OLE DB connection string. Just as UserName and Password values are appended to the connection string, you can supply your own settings to be appended to the connection string.
Advanced DLLPath String Supplies the full name of the sqlisapi.dll file. If you want to supply a different DLL or move the file to a different location, you need to specify the path here.
Advanced AllowFlags tagAllowFlags— afDONTCACHESCHEMAS (256) Sqlisapi.dll has a caching option that stores the mapping schema in a cache to be reused in subsequent queries. Add the afDONTCACHESCHEMAS value to the AllowFlags property if you want to disallow this option.