TABLE 4: Members of the VirtualNames Collection Object
Member Type Description
AddVirtualName Method Returns a new VirtualName object with the properties you specified. Given the name of the virtual name, the type of the virtual name (vtTEMPLATE, vtSCHEMA, or vtDBOBJECT), and the directory path associated with the virtual name, this member creates a new VirtualName object for you. When you specify vtTEMPLATE or vtSCHEMA as the type, you must provide a path that exists in your server's file system. When you specify vtDBOBJECT, you must specify an empty string as the path because this virtual name doesn't require a path.
Count Property Returns the number of virtual names already created in the virtual folder.
Item Property Given an index (starting with 0) or a virtual name, this member returns a reference to the specified VirtualName object.
RemoveVirtualName Method Given the name of the virtual name to remove, this member deletes the virtual name from the VirtualNames collection of the virtual directory.