FIGURE 2: Results from the ViewUsingNamespaceXMLText Stored Procedure
book_title title firstname lastname alldata
Rob Roy Sir Walter Scott <bk:book xmlns:bk="urn:myBooks" id="1"> <bk:title>Rob Roy</bk:title> <bk:authors> <pers:person xmlns:pers="urn:myPerson"> <pers:title>Sir</pers:title> <pers:firstName>Walter</pers:firstName> <pers:lastName>Scott</pers:lastName> </pers:person> </bk:authors> <bk:genre>Classics</bk:genre> <bk:description>In rich prose and vivid description, Rob Roy follows the adventures of a businessman&apos;s son, Frank Osbaldistone, who is sent to Scotland and finds himself drawn to the powerful, enigmatic figure of Rob Roy MacGregor, the romantic outlaw who fights for justice and dignity for the Scots.</bk:description> </bk:book>