Table A: Microsoft Descriptions of CounterData Table Fields
Field Name Description
GUID GUID for this data set. Refer to the description of the DisplayToID table to correlate this value to a log file.
CounterID The identifier of the counter being collected. This is the key to the CounterDetails table.
RecordIndex The sample index for a specific counter identifier and collection GUID. Each successive sample in this log file is assigned a RecordIndex value, which increases by one throughout the time the data is logged.
CounterDateTime The time the collection of the values of this counter was started, in UTC time.
CounterValue The formatted value of the counter.
FirstValueA The raw performance data value used to calculate the formatted data value. Some formatted counters require the calculation of four values in the following manner: (SecondValueA - FirstValueA)/(SecondValueB - FirstValueB). The remaining columns in this table provide the remaining values in this calculation.
FirstValueB Refer to the description of FirstValueA.
SecondValueA Refer to the description of FirstValueA.
SecondValueB Refer to the description of FirstValueA.