TABLE 2: Fields That XMLA Schema Types Can Use to Restrict Data the Discover Method Returns
Request TypeFieldDescription
DISCOVER_DATASOURCESDataSourceNameThe name of the data source (e.g., FoodMart 2000).
URLThe path XMLA methods use to connect to the data source.
ProviderNameThe name of the provider behind the data source.
ProviderTypeAn array of one or more of the provider-supported data types: MDP for multidimensional data provider, TDP for tabular data provider, and DMP for data mining provider.
AuthenticationModeThe type of security the data source uses. Unauthenticated means no UID or password is needed. Authenticated means that a UID and password must be included in the connection information. Integrated means that the data source uses a built-in facility for securing the data source.
DISCOVER_PROPERTIESPropertyNameAn array of the property names.
DISCOVER_SCHEMA_ROWSETSSchemaNameThe name of the schema.
DISCOVER_ENUMERATORSEnumNameAn array of the enumerator's names.
DISCOVER_KEYWORDSKeywordAn array of the keywords a provider reserves.
DISCOVER_LITERALSLiteralNameAn array of the literals' names.