TABLE 1: Database Terminology
PROPOSITIONA statement of fact(s) asserted to be true.
PREDICATEThe general form of a set of equally structured propositions.
DATA TYPEA pool of valid values and the operations permissible on them. Columns in database tables must draw their values from this pool. Data types represent a thing in the real world.
DOMAINThe relational term for data type.
REPRESENTATIONThe internal structure used by a DBMS to encode values internally.
SYSTEM-DEFINED DATA TYPEA data type built into a DBMS by its vendor.
USER-DEFINED DATA TYPEA data type for which users define the permissible value range or operation set.
SIMPLE DATA TYPESData types whose values are perceived as atomic (e.g., numeric or string data types).
COMPLEX DATA TYPESData types whose values are text, images, video, or sound.