TABLE 1: User Privileges in the sysprotects System Table
Column Name Description
ID The object identifier (from sysobjects) that the permission applies to.
UID The user/group identifier (from sysusers) that the permission applies to.
ACTION The type of permission being granted. (193 = Select, 195 = Insert, 197 = Update, 196 =Delete)
PROTECTTYPE The type of protection action (205 = Grant, 206 = Revoke)
COLUMNS The columns that this protection action affects. This field is a bitmap table of column entries. A value of 0x01 (hex) specifies all columns. Unless you specifically use column-level permissions, this value will always be 0x01. Only applicable for 193 and 197 ACTION types; otherwise, this field is NULL.
GRANTOR The user identifier (from sysusers) of the individual who created this permission entry.