TABLE 4: RDS.DataControl's Methods and Properties
Method/Property Description
Cancel Method that cancels a pending asynchronous
CancelUpdate Method that cancels all changes kept in the
local RDS cache.
CreateRecordset Method that creates an empty and
disconnected record set, which your code then
populates with columns and rows of data.
MoveFirst, MoveLast,
Methods that let you navigate across the
record set items, moving from record to
record by relative offsets.
Refresh Method that refreshes the data by
reaccessing the data source.
Reset Method that applies any sort or filter criteria
you set through the specific properties.
SubmitChanges Method that reconnects to the server and
tries to submit the changes done locally on
the record set. If the operation causes
conflicts, all changes are rolled back.
Connect Property that specifies the connection string
to connect to.
Server Property that specifies the URL of the Web
server to connect to (or the name of the
connected computer if you want to connect
through DCOM).
Sql Property that specifies the command text to
send to the OLE DB provider identified in
the Connect property.
Properties that determine whether the
records must be retrieved asynchronously
and how to perform the fetch.
Properties that define the filter to apply to a
record set column.
InternetTimeout Property that expresses the number of
milliseconds a request waits before timing out.
ReadyState Read-only property that determines
DataControl's status while it's retrieving a
record set.
Properties that let you read and set the
record set the component is working on.
Properties that define the column to sort on
and the direction (ascending or descending).