I received the following reader comment about "Jump Start: Scheduling Backups" (in the archives at http://www.sqlmag.com/Article/ArticleID/93621/93621.html).

I thought I should let you know that your recent "Jump Start: Scheduling Backups" article has some errors in it. When you enter the following command in the Run dialog box, the task scheduler doesn't run the backup job because the code isn't correct.

sqlcmd ?s (local)/SQLEXPRESS ?i c:\sqlbackup
&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp \myMediaBackup.sql -E

However, when you replace the question marks (?) with hyphens (-), the task scheduler does run the backup job.

sqlcmd -S (local)\SQLEXPRESS -i c:\sqlbackup
&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp \myMediaBackup.sql -E

I enjoy your SQL Server Express UPDATE articles, by the way. I hope that they keep on coming.

-- Terry Grignon

Thank you Terry for your comments and the corrections. Sometimes special characters inadvertently get changed during the newsletter's production process. Thanks again for helping us find and fix this, and I'm glad to hear you enjoy this newsletter.

-- Michael Otey, mikeo@windowsitpro.com