Microsoft has released a new add-in for Microsoft Excel that allows customers to work with MDS data without ever needing to open administrative tools.

The majority of SQL admins are familiar with Excel anyway, so providing a way to create and load data in the Microsoft product allows admins to be more efficient and proficient.

Here's what the add-in provides:

  • Load new managed data sets into the Master Data Services database.
  • Create new entities to store sets of managed data.
  • Make bulk data changes to pre-existing models.
  • Correct all issues discovered through the validation process and publish updates to the MDS server.
  • Add and update columns and create constrained columns on the fly.
  • Send defined queries through email.
  • Determine data matches with the new Data Quality Services for SQL Server 2014.

You can download the add-in here: Microsoft SQL Server 2014 Master Data Services Add-in For Microsoft Excel