Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio 17.1 Released

This past week brought us the latest release of Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio. Version 17.1 is generally available now and works with all versions of SQL Server currently supported by Microsoft: SQL Server 2008 - SQL Server 2017. This release also supports Microsoft Azure SQL Database and Microsoft Azure SQL Data Warehouse. This release also supports the SQL Server Analysis Services PaaS.

Though there are no specific barriers to using this version of Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) against SQL 2000 or SQL 2005 (though they're no longer supported by Microsoft) there may be features of those older products that would not work accurately with this version of SSMS and it's recommended that if you're still using those versions of SQL Server in production you work to upgrade to supported versions and continue to use older versions of Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio to administer those instances.

Download Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio 17.1 Today

This release of Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio continues to build upon previous releases and can also be installed side-by-side with previous versions of 16.x releases of Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio as well as with Microsoft SQL Server 2014 Management Studio.

Included Updates to 17.1

Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio 17.1 includes a new SQL Server Integration Services scale-out management tool as well as bug fixes to previous releases in the areas of Always on Availability Groups, setup, Adaptive Query Processing, Always Encrypted functionality, and Azure support. According to the official release notes 17.1 bug fixes include:

Always On

  • Fixed an issue where the properties of an Availability Replica was always displayed as "Automatic failover" mode for WSFC AGs.
  • Fixed an issue where the read-only routing list was overwritten when updating the Availability Group


  • Fixed an issue where SSMS 17.0 was breaking SSDT on Visual Studio 2013 [Connect Item 3133479]
  • Fixed an issue where clicking on "Restart" at the end of setup was not restarting the machine

Always Encrypted

  • Fixed an issue where log file generated was missing the information generated by DacFx.

Adaptive Query Processing

  • Fixed a showplan issue where the UI was always showing the Actual join type attribute for non Adaptive join operators.

Azure Support

  • Scripting: temporarily preventing SSMS from accidentally deleting Azure database objects when trying to script the deletion by disabling that option. Proper fix will be in an upcoming release of SSMS.
  • Object Explorer: fixed an issue where "Databases" node was not expanded when connected to an Azure database created using "AS COPY"

Feature Updates in 17.1

Feature enhancements in 17.1 are focused on SQL Server Analysis Services and Integration Services:

Analysis Services

  • Analysis Service users can refresh credentials for their datasources for 1200 TM models and above from the context menu on the datasource

Integration Services

  • Built-in SSIS reports now show logs from SSIS scale-out execution in CTP 2.1
  • SSIS scale-out management application
  • View basic information about scale-out master.
  • Easily add a Worker to the scale-out deployment.
  • View all the scale-out workers and basic information about them, and can also enable or disable them easily.

To review change log information for this and previous versions of SQL Server Management Studio you can visit the official Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio Changelog.

Download the Install Package or Upgrade Package from 17.0

You can download the latest version (17.1) of Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio as well as an upgrade package from the previous 17.0 release from the official SQL Server Management Studio download page.