If you spend much time working with SQL Server, you will undoubtedly find a reason to search through the Microsoft Knowledge Base if for no other reason than to read the interesting HOWTO and INFO articles.  

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A fun little resource to check out is located at http://jazzkeyboard.com/jill/qarticles.html. You’ll find a list of some very funny and/or very oddly placed Q articles from Microsoft’s very own http://support.microsoft.com.  


My favorites are:


Q152697: The Story of Koi and the Kola Nuts:  The full text of a little African folk tale on the Microsoft KB?


Q189826: PowerPoint Centimeters Different from Actual Centimeters: Who needs regular centimeters anyway?


Q145978: Shiva Does Not Always Prompt to Hang Up Connection:  You’ve reached Shiva, the Destroyer of Worlds.  I’m not in my celestial office, but if you leave a message I’ll be sure to call you back.


And while we’re talking about spiritual forces at work in Microsoft products, check out:


Q178748: SATAN Causes High Memory Utilization in WUSER32: I’ve heard of ‘the devil made me do it’, but I didn’t think that applied to software!


I hope this gives you a giggle!  J