SQL has many practical applications, but sometimes you can get bored with
customers, orders and order lines. It’s refreshing to occasionally use SQL
for less practical purposes; it can be fun, and also serve as a good exercise
in logic.
I covered such less practical uses of SQL in past articles, including:
Solve Sudoku Puzzles with T-SQL (InstantDoc #47752, November 2005)
Wake Up to T-SQL (InstantDoc #24139, April 2002)
In the Picture (InstantDoc #24425, May 2002)

Courtesy of Rex Richardson, I got acquainted with an article by David
Moloney about modeling Chess with SQL:
I find it a very interesting read, and if you appreciate SQL and logic, I have a
feeling you’d like it as well.
It’s the first article in a series, and I’m looking forward to read the planned